Image preview Title Description Price
ALCO STOP The herbal complex “ALCO STOP” is destined to people dependant from alcohol. € 8
APPLE VINEGAR The apple vinegar naturally reduces the weight and energizes the body by stimulating the metabolism and fast fat burning. € 4
BUTTERFLY MASSAGER "Butterfly Massager" is compact and may replace big fitness devices. With “Butterfly Massager ” you can train any desired muscle in your body. N/A
CLA CLA is exceptionally important substance for the structure of the cell membrane. € 8,5
GLUCOSAMINE Glucosamine brings back the active life! It is proved that glucosamine alleviates pain in arthritis up to 80 % of the patients for a three-week period, but results appear even on the 7-th day. € 9,5
KNEE PAD Knee pad relieves pain in the knees from arthritis. € 7,7
L-CARNITINE + GINSENG L-Carnitine is an important supplement for proper metabolism. It presents in variety of food products. € 10
LIGHT REGULATOR With this unique LIGHT REGULATOR you can control the intensity of light in the room via your TV Remote Control. € 11
BIO MAGNETIC WAIST BELT Forget about the pain in the waist! BIO MAGNETIC WAIST BELT is a perfect way to solve the problem with the pain in the area of spine and waist. € 13,5
MAGNETIC VEST Corrects incorrect position of the backbone and the shoulders. Eliminates the pain. € 13,5
MELATONIN The main function of Melatonin (a substance that is produced by hypophysis) is to regulate the sleep. € 5,5
PEARL NECKLACE – MODEL 1 Luxury Necklace, produced from Freshwater cultivated pearls, offered in 3 colours - white, pink or lavender and 3 different lengths – 60 cm, 75 cm and 90 cm. N/A
PEARL NECKLACE – MODEL 3 Luxury Necklace, produced from BLACK Freshwater cultivated pearls, offered in 4 different lengths – 38 cm, 40 cm, 43 cm and 45 cm. N/A
PEARL NECKLACE – MODEL 6 Luxury Necklace produced from really big Freshwater cultivated pearls, offered in 4 different lengths – 38 cm, 40 cm, 43 cm and 45 cm. N/A
PERFECT LINE This is really complex solution for the obesity. It consists of 3 components with scientifically proved action and efficacy for weight loss. € 10
SLIM PATCH You can forget about the obesity! Chose a revolutionary decision – Slim Patch. $ 8
SPALMITOL The So Palmeto is medicating herb that is one of the most effective natural products, taking the leading part in treatment and prophylaxis of benign prostate hyperplasia. € 7
PERFECT TRAVEL- Set of suitcases 4+1 If you love the adventures and trips, choose this unbelievable set of suitcases! Make your traveling a real pleasure! € 27
TAO’S BIOMAGNETIC PENDANT Tao’s Biomagnetic Pendant has specially designed strong magnet, mounted in a pendant from special energy alloy. € 8
TP SUPPORT TP Support is a unique magnetic therapy set of 10 pieces. TP Support Belt with 11 magnets is appropriate for people suffering from pain in the back and waist. € 19
UNIVERSAL AIR CONDITION REMOTE CONTROL This unique Universal Air Condition Remote controls the great mass of brand made in or outside China. € 6
UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL Universal remote control, which replaces damaged remote control of TV, Video cassette recorder, CBL/Sat set, DVD player or your receiver. € 4
SAUNA BELT Sauna Belt offers many of the benefits of the traditional heat sauna, but has one big advantage: you can enjoy sauna heat in the comfort of your own home! $ 12